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21 Dec 2010
Dispatch from Haiti

My bags are packed and I am ready to go, this journey that started with an idea is on path to becoming a reality. So many times we look at the news and the reality never impacts us as actually involving real people. So I am out the door to discover what the media only hints at.

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25 Nov 2010

10,000 toys for Haiti are 250 toys short of making their goal. Allison Diva is asking that each of you either purchase one gift worth $10, or donate online at 10,000 toys for Haiti.

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9 Nov 2010
Michaëlle Jean begins UNESCO post

The charismatic Jean, who acquired a sort of international celebrity status as governor general, will face the daunting task of helping rebuild a Haiti that is still recovering from the January 12 earthquake.

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22 Oct 2010

Reports out of Haiti have confirmed that a minimum of 138 people have died due to an outbreak of cholera.

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1 Oct 2010
Women With Sway — Michaëlle Jean

“I think really working on reasons to believe and to hope in humanity’s possibilities is something that inspires me a lot … I believe in the power of ideas. I believe in empowering people. I like people and I love connecting. It’s a communion of ideas, values, ideals, and it’s magic. People crave for that.”

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16 Aug 2010
Billions of dollars promised for Haiti fail to materialize

Nearly seven months after a devastating earthquake killed upwards of 250,000 people in Haiti, UN special envoy to Haiti Bill Clinton told Associated Press on Aug. 6 that international donors have yet to make good on their promises of billions of dollars to help the country rebuild.

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6 Aug 2010
Wyclef Jean will run for president of Haiti

Singer Wyclef Jean officially announced his candidacy for president of Haiti on CNN’s Larry King Live last night. The Haitian-born musician told anchor Wolf Blitzer he felt as though he had been “drafted” by the youth of Haiti – over 50 per cent of the country is under the age of 21.

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4 Aug 2010
Wyclef Jean – Haiti’s next president?

Former Fugee Wyclef Jean is expected to announce a run for the Haitian presidency Thursday on Larry King Live.