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23 Jan 2012
Q&A with Heart and Stroke Foundation’s Richard Phillips

The Windsor resident tells Sway why he feels there needs to be a “black secretariat” dedicated to health issues and health promotion for Ontario.

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25 Nov 2011

In light of alarming statistics on the vital issues of health in the black community, a Black Leadership Health Network (BLHN) was born earlier this year. In a two-day event that starts today, the group will hold its second gathering in Windsor.

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14 Oct 2011
New grooming business for gentlemen partners with Prostate Cancer Canada

Ajax-based Alleyne’s Grooming for Gentlemen declares October 1 to November 30th Man Up Season! During the two-month campaign, 10% of every grooming service sale will be donated to prostate cancer research.

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13 Oct 2011
Eat Superfoods, Fight Breast Cancer

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, which aims to educate women and their families on the disease and promote a health message that starts with prevention. A great first step on the road of prevention is to increase your daily intake of breast cancer fighting foods.

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15 Sep 2011
Simply Natural Ideas: Have your health and your happiness too

Although happiness is a good thing, and most people would agree that they want it, some of us get a little uncomfortable when it comes to the topic of pleasure. Strangely enough, we often feel guilty for eating the foods we love, as if maybe we shouldn’t be enjoying ourselves or that it’s wrong to feel good inside.

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14 Jul 2011
Simply Natural Ideas: Don’t stress. Seek balance.

When the stresses of life start to show their ugly heads, the healthy lifestyle changes you’ve been working so hard to achieve are often the first to go out the window. Being healthy is not about being perfect. Seek balance.

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14 Jul 2011
Brampton’s Best Smile Search

Brampton’s Dr. Anthony Sterling launches an innovative campaign to support community health.

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23 Jun 2011
Simply Natural Ideas: Save time and money

Don’t let lack of time and money derail your pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. Rochelle Hanson offers practical tips for saving both.

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16 Jun 2011
Simply Natural Ideas: The Reset Button

When you set goals for yourself and you don’t achieve them, take some time to figure out why, make the adjustments you need to make, and start again.

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2 Jun 2011
Simply Natural Ideas: Get Active

In 1978 obesity rates for children aged 14 and younger were at 13%. In 2006 the rate of childhood obesity doubled to 26%. Could it be that our sedentary lifestyles are rubbing off on our kids?