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16 Dec 2011
Producer Boi-1da has gone from stocking shelves to stocking up on accolades

“Toronto means everything,” he says. “I wouldn’t go anywhere else. I wouldn’t trade it for anything else. It’s time for Canada to embrace itself. I am proud to make good music in Canada that Canadians love.”

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24 Sep 2011
Adrian Eccleston may play for Drake and The Weeknd, but he also spreads the joy of the instrument

For observant music fans, Eccleston’s self-description contains more than a grain of truth, as he’s often been the background figure in prominent circumstances. His distinctive style and ear-bending guitar-playing skills led him to share stages with stars such as Kylie Minogue and Nelly Furtado.

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24 Sep 2011
After paying her dues, Andreena Mill is ready for her close-up

For years, the Toronto R&B singer-songwriter has been steadily working her way into the public eye—first as a member of an ill-fated R&B trio then through a number of singles and cameo appearances, most notably as a head-turning voice on Drake’s early material. Now, with the release of her debut album, All Eyes On Me, Mill is moving to centre stage.

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8 Apr 2011
March Madness! A Recap of Our Favourite Celebrity Sightings!

March was month that kept Toronto full of excitement with some very stylish celebrity sightings. Sway gives you the rundown of our most fashionable favourites.

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15 Mar 2011
Lady Gaga manager Troy Carter says Canada is the music industry’s best kept secret

“Fifty years ago, we wouldn’t have been able to stay at the same hotel at the same restaurants, drink at the same fountains,” Troy Carter says. Today, Carter and his biggest client, Lady Gaga, do all that without a blink.

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17 Dec 2010
Reema Major hailed as Canada’s next rap star

The future’s name is Reema Major. She is all of 15-years-old and enjoying the heaviest hype for a Canadian urban act since Drake.

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6 Dec 2010
Cole World in Toronto

On Dec 3rd Roc Nation artist J. Cole took the stage in a sold out show at Sound Academy.

The line outside the venue, about four people wide and extending for a 100 or so meters, was visible as soon as you turned onto Polson Street. Concertgoers huddled together in the stinging early winter air hours before the doors opened to see an artist who has yet to release an official album.

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2 Dec 2010
Drake up for Grammy

Drake has been nominated for a Best New Artist Grammy.

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20 Nov 2010
J. Cole: Lights Please

He raps from the gut. There’s a zealous hunger and energy in his voice. There are no gimmicks, no auto-tuned ballads or a well manicured-image. He makes quality music about ordinary life, and through poetry and cadence makes it fascinating and addictive to listen to. Sway spoke with him in the lead up to his December 3rd concert in Toronto.

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22 Jul 2010
President Drake?

Former Degrassi star-turned-rapper Drake is ready to make his feature film debut – as US President Barack Obama. “I hope somebody makes a movie about Obama’s life soon because I could play him,” Drake said in an interview with Paper Magazine.