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19 Jul 2011
Splash – swimming lessons aren’t just for kids

Anxiety and fear are like emotional handcuffs: I wanted to unlock them with swimming; just let go. And so I did. Starting with that first lesson, I didn’t ease my way into the pool, jumped right in, embraced the moment, cold water and all.

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26 Apr 2011

Children and youth spend the equivalent of a full work week on videogames, television and Facebook, says the 2011 report, released Tuesday. For the fifth straight year, it awards a failing grade for physical activity and screen time.

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8 Apr 2011
Zumba’s High-Energy Fitness Program a Culture in Itself

Doing the same tired weight training and treadmill routine at the gym can get pretty boring. But an exciting exercise regimen, Zumba, is making people of all ages, backgrounds and shapes hop off the treadmill and into its classes.

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9 Dec 2010
Mixing Fitness With Faith

“A lot of people believe that singing is the only creative way to praise,” says Charmaine Hinds, founder and director of Worship in Motion. “Worship in Motion is more than just a ministry. It’s a way to help people use their whole being to worship,” she says.

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3 Dec 2010
Roland Semprie turns a passion for helping others into a lifestyle empire

As a kid growing up in Toronto, Roland Semprie was super hyperactive. Teachers didn’t know what to do with him. “They thought I had some kind of mental deficiency,” says Semprie. “But never tell that to a black woman about her kid, or she’ll go off on you.”

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23 Nov 2010
Q&A with Hip Hop Abs creator Shaun T

It was Shaun’s love of dance and sports that helped him to create the unconventional workout program while he was a student at New Jersey’s Rowan University. Sway caught up with the exercise guru during a promotional stop in Toronto.

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22 Nov 2010
Get fit for life!

Personal trainer Rohan Francis takes on his toughest client ever — Sway editor Jon Sarpong.

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19 Nov 2010
Tommy Europe shares his unique approach to fitness

Get ready to wear those sexy jeans again!! Sway sat down and spoke with Tommy Europe’s about how to lose those pesky “last 10 pounds”

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17 Nov 2010
Planning Fitness Resolutions

“Remember, looking good and feeling better is a marathon, not a sprint. Find an approach that matches your circumstance so that it is something that you can maintain over the long term.”

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15 Nov 2010
Strategies for Beating Exercise Boredom

Celebrity fitness guru Derek Duke Noble says boredom can defeat all your good intentions to get in shape, especially as we move our workouts indoors as the weather cools. To prevent the monotony that’ll make you want to skip exercising, try these strategies: