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17 Feb 2012
The Lovezone with Geena Lee: Edible Aphrodisiacs

In this special edition of The Lovezone, Geena Lee explores some edible aphrodisiacs that you can use to whet the appetite for love.

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21 Dec 2011
The Lovezone with Geena Lee: Love & Money

Let’s be real; it’s hard enough to maintain a happy and healthy relationship when all finances are in order, much less when they’re not. After all, it’s one of the top reasons behind breakups and divorce.

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7 Dec 2011
The Lovezone with Geena Lee: Long Distance Love

Maintaining a long distance love is not for the faint of heart. There’s the issue of trust to contend with, not to mention the feeling of stark loneliness when your lover is not physically by your side.

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23 Nov 2011
The Lovezone with Geena Lee: The Rebound

If you start dating someone who’s fresh out of a break-up, chances are they’re on a rebound, and you’re serving as a soft landing for their emotional downfall. Nobody wants to be a rebound, as the ball most likely won’t stay in your court for long.

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9 Nov 2011
The Lovezone with Geena Lee: Love Standards

When someone says, “I have high standards”, we often take that to mean they’re high maintenance, just looking for a trophy or shallow. Why is that? Maybe it’s the way these so-called standards are presented to us.

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26 Oct 2011
The Lovezone with Geena Lee: Keeping The Love Alive

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but guess what, relationships take work! Once you’re ‘locked in’ don’t throw away the keys that got you into that person’s heart in the first place.

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17 Oct 2011
The Lovezone with Geena Lee: Single? So What?

For some, to be single is to be free. Free of obligations and expectations, free to explore, experiment and experience life on your own terms, with your own agenda. To others, being single is like serving a prison sentence.

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21 Sep 2011
The Lovezone with Geena Lee: The Ugly

All relationships have their ups and downs, you’ll see the good and the bad…but how do you handle the ugly? How do you stay the course when the waters get choppy under your relation-ship? Should you drop down the anchor and ride out the storm, or just jump overboard and let that baby sink?

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8 Sep 2011
The Lovezone with Geena Lee: Slow Down

Sometimes when you’ve been single and looking for a long while, it can be a bit of a surprise when all of a sudden, a potential partner appears; full of passion and desire to start something with you, right now.

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24 Aug 2011
The Lovezone with Geena Lee: Jealousy

Have you ever been in a relationship with a jealous person? Or do you get jealous when you’re in a relationship? Sometimes feelings of jealousy creep up on you out of nowhere.