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6 Feb 2012
How Not to Be Single This Valentine’s Day

Husband and wife matchmaking team Amelia Phillips-Lewis & Gary Lewis share ‘his and her’ tips to scoring a date for this Valentine’s Day

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7 Dec 2011
The Lovezone with Geena Lee: Long Distance Love

Maintaining a long distance love is not for the faint of heart. There’s the issue of trust to contend with, not to mention the feeling of stark loneliness when your lover is not physically by your side.

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26 Oct 2011
The Lovezone with Geena Lee: Keeping The Love Alive

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but guess what, relationships take work! Once you’re ‘locked in’ don’t throw away the keys that got you into that person’s heart in the first place.

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21 Oct 2011
Black Women and Singlehood

I refuse to buy into the idea that I need to start developing a strategy of either dating outside my race (not that there’s anything wrong with that), losing my seemingly innately bitchy attitude or becoming more submissive in order to be valued and deemed worthy of marriage.

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24 Aug 2011
The Lovezone with Geena Lee: Jealousy

Have you ever been in a relationship with a jealous person? Or do you get jealous when you’re in a relationship? Sometimes feelings of jealousy creep up on you out of nowhere.

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8 Apr 2011
Love & Relationships: The Lure of the “Ex”

A Sway reader has been dating a great new guy that is emotionally available, but the “bad-Boy Ex is showing up and he’s hot. What to do? Stay with the nice guy, or go back to the ex that made life exciting yet ultimately hurt her?

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29 Mar 2011
The LoveZone with Geena Lee: More Than Friends

How can you tell when someone likes you as more than just a friend? Well, you could just ask them outright, but that could be kind of awkward wouldn’t it, especially if the answer is ‘no’. So I’m going to share a few ways to figure out if your friend has feelings for you.

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11 Feb 2011
Take Five: Ultimate Guys Guide To Valentine’s Day

Sway Magazine Editor, Jon Sarpong discusses how the five senses can save your Valentine’s Day…

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12 Nov 2010
Holiday reading

For those of you who have time to spare during the holidays, check out these books, sure to keep you engrossed from beginning to end.

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28 Oct 2010
Ladies: Is Frugality in a partner a turnoff?

This season on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, former kept woman and newly divorced housewife Sheree, stepped onto the dating scene once again agreeing to go on a blind date. On arrival, her eager date presented her with a bouquet; which she would later describe as “looking like grocery store flowers”. My question to the ladies; is frugality in a male partner a turnoff?