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21 Feb 2012

Canadian-born author Zetta Elliott reflects on the status of black authors in the Canadian publishing industry.

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18 Jan 2012
Dark Skin People

How can we perpetuate this nonsense into the 21st century? Back in the ‘60s we shouted, “Black is Beautiful”, but obviously that was just a slogan. It looks like we didn’t buy into the reality of it all.

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14 Dec 2011
Occupy Movement: Two sides of the story

Columnist Marc Grannum breaks down his personal struggle with the Occupy movement as someone working within the capitalistic financial industry with an upbringing that taught him fairness and equality for all.

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9 Dec 2011
In Defence of Africentric Schools

Black students in Toronto have among the lowest graduation rates as student apathy runs high, according to the Toronto District School Board (TDSB). The reasons for this are both complex and varied but in part due to a flawed school system that fails to address the needs of some its most vulnerable students.

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11 Nov 2011
Canadians must join the fight for women’s rights in Africa

It is my hope that we continue to look beyond our own backyard to celebrate the unique qualities and characteristics that have made our Canada a different country than most.

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31 Oct 2011
Black Daddies Club: What is ‘Natural’?

Any effort to tear asunder what many of our Ancestors fought and died to put together – namely, Black unity across all boundaries, be they of class, caste, religion, geographical location, language or sexual orientation – is unnatural and abnormal and should be roundly condemned wherever it rears its ugly head.

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4 Oct 2011
A faithful Liberal changes his vote

I initially became a Liberal because of the universal misconception of what the Liberal Party of Canada / Ontario is all about. I remember my history teacher in high school, explaining to us how the Liberal party liked “immigrants and black people” in very rosy and simple terms where as the conservatives were “racist”.

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27 Sep 2011
A ‘Dark Girls’ Review

I walked away content with the film’s overall message; the difference in our skin tones is nothing but a difference in levels of melanin. No matter what our skin tone, we’re beautiful, and we have to do our best to remind our daughters of their own beauty and worth so they don’t go looking for that reminder in all of the wrong places.

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4 Aug 2011
Scotiabank Caribbean Carnival Toronto – Heritage and Pride

The 2011 edition of this annual event brought about much controversy and skepticism. From the name to change to the event owners and sponsors, everything about this Caribbean showcase was being questioned. It would seem, though, that the event was being questioned by all the wrong people.

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24 May 2011
Black no Longer Beautiful? What Is Happening To Our Children?

Black self-hate is extremely insidious. Partly due to the fact that many blacks would not share this feeling with others. This silent destroyer of our people manifests itself in a variety of ways and sadly, it appears to cling to and afflict the young and vulnerable among us.