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13 Sep 2011
Saying it Loud – the African Canadian Heritage Association

At the height of the Black Power movement, a group of parents took control of their children’s education, organizing a program with a vision to provide black children with the opportunity to learn about their heritage in a positive and family-supported environment.

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14 Jun 2011
Teaching the N-Word

Instead of locking the N-Word in the past, English teacher Greg Birkett is using it to engage his students so they can learn more about the word, and themselves.

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29 Mar 2011

Students attending colleges and universities would receive at least $4,000 in financial help from Ottawa under “Learning Passport” grants that Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff says would reduce barriers to higher education for all Canadians.

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25 Feb 2011
The Black Law Students Association of Canada celebrates 20 years

The Black Law Students Association of Canada convention is marking its 20th year with a convention here in Toronto. According to their manifesto, BLSAC recognizes the essential role that we will play as lawyers in furthering the aspirations of our community and Canadian society as a whole. Says Keri Wallace, a third year law student at the University of Western Ontario, and the current President of the Canadian Black Law Students Association, “There are still systemic barriers to access to both a legal education and career. Our goal is to help and support current and prospective black law students.”

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17 Dec 2010
A stain on Canadian history

No apology will be issued after the mistreatment of Black Loyalists in 1784.

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26 Nov 2010
Thando Hyman Going Back to Work

Donna Quan, deputy director of the Toronto District School Board, made the statement Thursday night at the school after an emotional meeting where more than 130 parents criticized the recent removal of popular principal Thando Hyman pending an investigation of a parental complaint.

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24 Nov 2010
People With Sway–Tracey Haynes

One’s life must be balanced so while you are teaching, I think that it is equally important to enrich your practice by following your dreams and passions that are a part of your life outside of the classroom.

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27 Oct 2010
Toronto schools break new ground in studying black culture in Canada

The Tubman Institute has evolved from a resource centre to a growing force in Africanist studies. Co-sponsoring between 10 and 12 major conferences around the world each year, the institute has sent its graduate students to Jamaica, Britain, Angola and Brazil.

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1 Oct 2010
Do single-sex schools equal success?

With various research, the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) is addressing the issue by creating distinctive environments so that every one of the 250,000 children under its umbrella has the opportunity to succeed. The single-sex schools, called the Girls’ Leadership Academy and the Boys’ Leadership Academy, are two of the TSDB’s “programs of choice”, announced in 2009 by newly appointed director of education Chris Spence.

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1 Oct 2010
Gwyneth Matthew Chapman establishes scholarship program for St. Lucia students

Canadian television broadcaster and community advocate Gwyneth Matthew Chapman has partnered with Dr. Carl Mack, executive director of the National Society of Black Engineers; the government of St. Lucia, Goldman Sachs, and the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) to establish a scholarship program that will allow 29 students from St. Lucia to attend post-secondary studies in the United States this year. Sway spoke to Chapman while she was in St. Lucia.