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21 Dec 2011
In our ancestors’ financial footsteps

Instead of focusing on the short-lived joy of spending, we must take notes from those who lived before us.

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1 Nov 2011
The Canada Learning Bond for families in need

On November 3 and November 10, the Government of Canada will send out special vouchers to notify qualifying families of their entitlement to the Canada Learning Bond.

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29 Jun 2011
Financial planning for new graduates

Financial Consultant Camille Jones discusses savings options for the new graduate.

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1 Jun 2011
Buying a vacation home: 10 things to know

The first question to ask when buying a vacation property is how you plan to use it. Big gatherings, or quiet getaways?

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6 May 2011
Money Talk: Budgeting

Have you wondered where all your money goes at the end of the month? Is it the bills swallowing up all of your income? Or is it eating out, going to the mall, and entertainment habits? The only solution is one we all hate to hear. You know, the B word. A budget.

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19 Apr 2011
Understanding Mortgages Can Save You Money

With interest rates so low, you may be thinking of taking the big step into home ownership, ‘moving up’ or even refinancing your existing home. If so, knowing what’s what with mortgages can save you money now and in the future. Here’s a mortgage primer to get you going.

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8 Apr 2011
How to achieve a greener spring

To avoid diving into deeper debt, financial expert Tessa-Marie Shillingford says there are simple steps we can take to reduce financial distress.

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31 Mar 2011
Why you might (and might not) need an RESP

That’s the number one reason to open a Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP), though not the only one. But having said that, even though the government matches 20 per cent of your annual contribution up to a limit of $500 per child per year, it doesn’t mean that everyone should open an RESP. If your household finances are in poor shape, you don’t have enough retirement savings of your own or you think your child will get more out of it by paying the freight, keep the money in your pocket.

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22 Mar 2011
Tips on creating a financial/investment portfolio

When creating a financial/investment portfolio, you need to ensure that there are multiple investment buckets available. This is because each bucket has its advantage and disadvantages. Read on to ensure you are increasing each bucket’s advantages and not allowing their disadvantages to erode your capital.

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14 Feb 2011
Building generational wealth

Generational wealth is defined as passing and building a financial legacy that your future generations can reap the rewards. We all work hard to become financially free in our lifetime, but what about our future generations? Do we want them to have to battle with their finances we did or are we also planning on leaving financial legacies that will give them greater opportunities than you had?