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23 Dec 2011
How to create mesmerizing eyes

Need a little makeup inspiration for your next night out? Gold, silver and copper light the way to mesmerizing eyes.

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16 Dec 2011
Six ways to get picture perfect eyes

A beaming smile is essential, but your peepers should be picture perfect, too. Any of these shades will help you get your smize on.

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15 Dec 2011
Smoky eyes made easy

Mastering a smoky eye is simple with Benefit’s Smokin Eyes Kit, $44, benefitcosmetics.com.

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30 Sep 2011
Warning: If your butt isn’t big, you may not be Black

Today, the booty has gone from a fixation to a cultural punch line to a self-esteem issue so deeply rooted that for some it doesn’t just mean fitting into jeans, it is on the cusp of fitting into what it means to be a Black woman.

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21 Sep 2011
The 7th Annual Toronto Natural Hair & Beauty Show

Afros, twists, braids, weaves, locks or curls, when it comes to their hair, black women know that choosing a style that best suits their personality can be challenging, especially when deciding to go natural. The 7th Annual Toronto Natural Hair & Beauty Show was held this past Sunday celebrating natural beauty.

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18 Jul 2011
Hair Care Ingredients to Avoid

The majority of commercial hair care products use harmful, potentially carcinogenic ingredients. When shopping for products for your hair, I strongly encourage you to seek out organic and herbal products and always read the ingredients listed.

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24 Jun 2011
Detangling the Myths of Natural Hair

Toronto Natural Hair & Beauty Show Founder Stephanie Joseph tackles the common misconceptions about natural hair.

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15 Jun 2011
Proceed With Caution: Making Sure Your Next Pedicure is a Safe One

Before you go out to your favourite nail salon you should be aware of some of the dangers of unsanitary establishments.

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10 Jun 2011
Going Natural

Natural hair has increased in popularity, with more and more black women choosing to embrace their hair free of chemicals meant to alter its natural state.

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20 May 2011
Model’s Corner: Mia Amber Davis (July 25, 1974 – May 10, 2011)

The international model was best known as a television producer, actress, motivational speaker, and plus size advocate who made a positive impact on the fashion and entertainment industries.