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30 Jan 2012
Black Daddies Club: Healing History

First celebrated in Toronto in 1979, Black History Month (which is also referred to as African Heritage Month) places the spotlight squarely upon the diverse achievements and dizzying array of cultural accents born in the creative genius of the Children of the Continent who now call Canada home.

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23 Jan 2012
Black Daddies Club: The Best Thing in My Life

Biracial father Lawrence Fraser shares his experiences and lessons learned in raising a daughter solo.

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16 Jan 2012
Black Daddies Club: The Lesson

There is a lesson to be learned in every act of Wickedness…

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9 Jan 2012
Black Daddies Club: Us Three

There is a simple lesson, a universal truth, that we so often forget or ignore. If we watch children, we will learn that lesson and be inspired to pursue whatever we desire.

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19 Dec 2011
Black Daddies Club: Kwanzaa 101

The cultural celebration known as Kwanzaa will be celebrated for the 45th time in exactly one week. Created by Dr. Maulana Karenga in December 1966, Kwanzaa (which means ‘first fruits’) came into being to push back against the naked consumerism and Eurocentric imagery that characterizes the Yuletide season.

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12 Dec 2011
Black Daddies Club: The (Invisible) Prison

The shackles that keep us languishing in this invisible prison are too often passed down to our sons in the form of a verbal roadmap that lays bare exactly what is understood to be acceptable male behaviour.

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5 Dec 2011
Black Daddies Club: Fathers MATTER

BBC documentary ‘Biology of Dads’ lays out the case for why some of the most damaging stereotypes associated with fatherhood must be thrown out.

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2 Dec 2011
Black Daddies Club tackles homophobia in the black community

Queer as Black Folk was an interactive and honest discussion between panelists and audience members exploring issues such as identity, homophobia, blackness and faith.

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28 Nov 2011
Black Daddies Club: The Father In Me

They say that when you have a baby girl, the biggest worry is dealing with all the boys who are dealing with your daughter in much the same way that you dealt with girls when you were young. For me, I hope that is the case.

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21 Nov 2011
Giving Birth to The Black Daddies Club: Part 2

Brandon Hay continues his story of the personal experiences that led to formation of the Black Daddies Club.