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12 Dec 2011
Black Daddies Club: The (Invisible) Prison

The shackles that keep us languishing in this invisible prison are too often passed down to our sons in the form of a verbal roadmap that lays bare exactly what is understood to be acceptable male behaviour.

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5 Dec 2011
Black Daddies Club: Fathers MATTER

BBC documentary ‘Biology of Dads’ lays out the case for why some of the most damaging stereotypes associated with fatherhood must be thrown out.

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28 Nov 2011
Black Daddies Club: The Father In Me

They say that when you have a baby girl, the biggest worry is dealing with all the boys who are dealing with your daughter in much the same way that you dealt with girls when you were young. For me, I hope that is the case.

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21 Nov 2011
Giving Birth to The Black Daddies Club: Part 2

Brandon Hay continues his story of the personal experiences that led to formation of the Black Daddies Club.

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14 Nov 2011
Giving Birth to The Black Daddies Club: Brandon’s Story

Black Daddies Club founder Brandon Hay shares the personal story of his childhood and the experiences that led him to form the much needed resource for black fathers in the community.

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7 Nov 2011
Queer as (Black) Folk: Your Questions Answered

Black Daddies Club answers your questions about their upcoming event Queer as (Black) Folk: A Discussion on Homophobia and Homosexuality in the Black Community.

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31 Oct 2011
Black Daddies Club: What is ‘Natural’?

Any effort to tear asunder what many of our Ancestors fought and died to put together – namely, Black unity across all boundaries, be they of class, caste, religion, geographical location, language or sexual orientation – is unnatural and abnormal and should be roundly condemned wherever it rears its ugly head.

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24 Oct 2011
Black Daddies Club: C-Sections and Chicken Wings – A Birth Story

I was driving what felt like 170 on the 403 when we got into late evening traffic. I began having those terrifying visions of catching a baby in the car. I know lots of people would think that would be exhilarating, but the thought of a baby coming at me in that way almost made me pass out at the wheel.

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17 Oct 2011
Black Daddies Club: We’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling

Black Daddies Club revisits last week’s theme of keeping the passion alive after children. Is it possible?

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12 Oct 2011
Black Daddies Club: Singing the Blues

An anonymously annoyed daddy sounds off on the lack of intimacy within his marriage.