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Real women, real style — Belinda Barrocks

1 October 2010 16 Comments

Belinda Barrocks, Global Chic

Occupation: photographer

Stats: Age 30, Size 8-10

Her style: Out of the box. I have a really unique background, so I try to make my style edgy and unique.

Inspired by: Culture. I like to wear things from different cultures and people. I get the opportunity to travel a lot, and I love to pull from different things that I see.

Her body image obstacles: As a teenager, I started to develop hips. I didn’t know how to appreciate them because most of my friends didn’t have hips. I wore baggy pants and shirts because I wanted to hide them. I’m comfortable with my body now but it took me a while to figure it out. I realized I needed to choose between either drowning myself with clothing or accentuating my hips with fashion.

On confidence: I stopped dressing for other people. When I started to dress for myself and appreciate what I saw in the mirror, everything changed. By accepting my body shape and buying the right type of clothing, I found that I started to love looking at myself in the mirror.

On changes in the fashion industry: I feel not many women can wear most of the high-fashion clothes that come out. Many of the styles in Europe are catered to a certain type of shape. Not everyone in North America can wear European fashions. I love to look at magazines but then I take that and make it my own.

Shopping tips: Once you know what shape you are and what type of clothing you are comfortable wearing, embrace and love who you are. Consider doing a closet revamp, maybe you need a complete change. Bring a stylish friend to give you a second opinion. Oh, and try on clothing in the store! You need to know how it will look on you.

Secret style weapon: I love vests. They bring in my waist. I buy different colours and styles. A big part of my shape is embracing each angle of me. The vests change any look. They tailor a look without being obvious. I keep a vest or blazer in the car at all times!

Loves fashion because: It is what makes me who I am — my character, my enthusiasm.


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  • Adrian B. said:

    Hey Belinda,

    good for you! Great to see you’re confident in who you are and the way you look. Continue to encourage woman of all ages and sizes to embrace themselves to the fullest!!


  • Ronald R. said:

    Way To Go Belinda,

    You have overcame a lot. But look at you now. Don’t look back
    because the sky is the limit. God Bless You!

  • Ms.Deva said:

    Love you girl. You are FAB!

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  • Andria said:

    You go girl!

    A Woman that knows no limits. Love you!

  • Lila YH said:


    You are a beautiful woman inside & out. Wishing you continued success in all that you do!

  • collins said:

    You go Gal!

  • Nickia said:

    You look so beautiful, its good that your using what god gave you. You go girl!

  • Tanika Chambers said:

    Enjoyed reading. I better get my vest:) But they are really hard to find. Unless I haven’t looked in the right places for them. God Bless!

  • Chantelle James said:

    Hey Belinda,

    I love this! I would have to agree with the name ‘Global Chic’. You offered great tips and you look beautiful. Thanks for sharing. You are one amazing lady!

  • Beryl said:

    Hey Bel!
    Nice to see a confident woman speaking her mind on an industry that has caused immense pain and just a little pleasure for most women! Keep it up and God bless!!

  • Breezy said:

    A-2 Spread your wings and fly and may your journey be a gracefull one with the visions you have.. All birds of same feathers may they flock together.. born to us are more leaders..

  • Nicolle 'Coco" Matthews said:

    Lovely Lady, I am so proud. You are an inspiration to us all, I love it…Thank you for sharing the truth with this generation, that we are all beautiful just the way God made us!

  • Afua Williams said:

    Hey Belinda! I read this article earlier in the month, and it is great. I love what it talks about and it is inspirational. Continue to work hard and get out there in the world to be noticed not only as a successful woman, but also a successful woman of God. You make me smile! You bring inspiration. God bless you and many blessings will follow you. Man…I can keep on typing lol but I won’t. I have questions for you…I will ask them another time! Luv yah beautiful!…forever gorgeous. <3

  • Ian said:

    Belinda, you’re a great example…

  • ardean said:

    Confidence – I’ve decided to be confident, even though I’m not at my healthiest weight right now, I can still accept my body right now and dress the best for it and enjoy life!
    Great article :-)

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