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26 Mar 2012
Community Connex: Entrepreneurs launch skincare solution for men suffering from razor bumps

Veto the Bumps’s co-owner, Raymond Kingu, says over the years he’s seen men suffer from unsightly bumps on their heads and facial area, and felt the need to find a solution. True Daley talks to the men behind the new skincare solution from men.

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9 Mar 2012
Community Connex: Lost Lyrics launches Saturday workshops

Community Connex columnist True Daley talks to Amanda Parris and Natasha Daniel about the inception of their non-profit Lost Lyrics and the launch of their Saturday artistic development workshops series beginning on March 10th.

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21 Feb 2012
Community Connex with True Daley: From Slaveships to Relationships

True Daley chats with Larc Trotman and Chevy Revolucian, writers and directors of a new documentary exploring the complexities of black intimacy through various aspects, including historical family traditions prior to the Arabic and European slave trades.

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14 Feb 2012
Community Connex with True Daley: Leon Robinson AKA Eklipz

‘Hip Hop introduced me to knowledge of self. I learned to look into deeper aspects of who I was as a black man and where we come from. That sparked so much confidence and awareness in me.’

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18 Nov 2011
Community Connex with True Daley: Caffery Van Horne

Award-winning hairstylist Caffery Van Horne credits his humble beginnings in Kingston, Jamaica for his present-day success. The salon owner is also a wardrobe stylist and makeup artist with a flair for interior design.

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4 Nov 2011
Community Connex with True Daley: Dorothy Attakora

Mina Danielle Designs combines Dorothy Attakora’s passion for women’s rights with her talent for fashion design. The Toronto-based collection celebrates the diversity of African fabrics, style, and esthetics for modern women of all shapes and sizes.

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21 Oct 2011
Community Connex with True Daley: Real Food Advocate Michelle Dennis-Mitchell

Michelle Dennis-Mitchell wants at-risk youth to make better choices in their diet and break the cycle of inter-generational diseases prevalent within black communities. Her main goal is to promote the benefits of nutrient-rich foods such as fresh greens, raw, natural, whole, and organic locally-grown produce.

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7 Oct 2011
Community Connex with True Daley: Painting with Stardust

Toronto-based visual artist Eye Candy Kamel has been depicting black men as she sees them: beautiful. One of her creative goals is to capture the essence of the African male through her celebrity portraits, which feature artists such as Drake, J Cole and Jay Z.

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23 Sep 2011
Community Connex with True Daley: Ebonnie Rowe & Michie Mee Honoured at Manifesto

Herstory was made when the Manifesto Festival paid tribute to Canadian women who had made a significant impact on the culture and community of hip hop. During the 11-day event, on September 18th, Wombanifesto: The Rebirth was dedicated to women and trans artists.

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9 Sep 2011
Community Connex with True Daley: Ian Kamau

Community worker, visual artist and musician, Ian Kamau, believes approaching social issues from a grassroots level is the most effective way to have a meaningful impact on a community.