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13 Mar 2012
Say what you want: Your thoughts on Oprah’s Lifeclass Tour, and more

The Oprah Winfrey Lifeclass Tour is coming to Toronto April 16th. Tickets sold out in 24 hours so a second show has been added. Sway’s Angela Walcott asked readers about your thoughts on the tour, and more

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9 Mar 2012
That’s What She Said: Bullying Tragedy, Under the Influence

Sway Magazine’s online recap of current events. This week: Verdict in bullying-suicide tragedy. Study connects weed smoking with bullying behaviour

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7 Mar 2012
Diaspora Diaries: The List

In this week’s Diaspora Diaries, writer Abena A. Green muses about what she’s learned about herself (and parenting) via The List

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21 Feb 2012

Canadian-born author Zetta Elliott reflects on the status of black authors in the Canadian publishing industry.

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18 Jan 2012
Dark Skin People

How can we perpetuate this nonsense into the 21st century? Back in the ‘60s we shouted, “Black is Beautiful”, but obviously that was just a slogan. It looks like we didn’t buy into the reality of it all.

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17 Jan 2012
Depression Fikre

Writer and political organizer Teddy Fikre reflects on his battle with Depression.

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21 Dec 2011
Rachael-Lea Rickards says ‘Don’t call me, it’s over!’

You were my first love. I fell in love with you at 16. When we met, I was dazzled by your charm. You smelled sweet and offered me everything a girl could ever want. I saw some warning signs when some of the products I needed were not on your shelves, but chose to ignore them.

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21 Dec 2011
In our ancestors’ financial footsteps

Instead of focusing on the short-lived joy of spending, we must take notes from those who lived before us.

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14 Dec 2011
Occupy Movement: Two sides of the story

Columnist Marc Grannum breaks down his personal struggle with the Occupy movement as someone working within the capitalistic financial industry with an upbringing that taught him fairness and equality for all.

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9 Dec 2011
In Defence of Africentric Schools

Black students in Toronto have among the lowest graduation rates as student apathy runs high, according to the Toronto District School Board (TDSB). The reasons for this are both complex and varied but in part due to a flawed school system that fails to address the needs of some its most vulnerable students.