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9 Dec 2011
Q&A with former NDP candidate Diana Andrews

Former candidate Diana Andrews is an award-winning teacher with a Master’s degree in Equity Studies from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education.

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29 Nov 2011
University student George Anderson wins BC election

According to media reports, the Anderson campaign spent less than $5000 and mostly held its many grassroots meetings at an area Tim Horton’s during his successful bid for council seat.

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21 Nov 2011

Jamaican born Alvin Curling was the first black person to serve as the speaker of Queen’s Park.

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10 Nov 2011
Maytree Foundation study addresses lack of diversity in elected office

Research found that visible minorities continue to be underrepresented as political candidates and elected officials at all three levels of government relative to their share of the population.

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26 Oct 2011
Is Occupy Toronto a movement for Ethnic Minorities?

While certain voices within the 99% are finally being heard, others are asking if minority voices remain muted. is Occupy Toronto paying attention to the concerns of ethnic minorities who are most adversely affected by poor economic policies?

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11 Oct 2011
The success of black candidates in Ontario provincial elections

In an Ontario that is diverse and modern, the visibility of visible minorities in elected office – especially that of black Canadians – should concern us all.

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4 Oct 2011
A faithful Liberal changes his vote

I initially became a Liberal because of the universal misconception of what the Liberal Party of Canada / Ontario is all about. I remember my history teacher in high school, explaining to us how the Liberal party liked “immigrants and black people” in very rosy and simple terms where as the conservatives were “racist”.

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27 Sep 2011
PC Candidate Karlene Nation wants ‘change’

Karlene Nation is proud to be running as a candidate for the Progressive Conservative Party for York West in the upcoming Provincial Election. As a broadcast journalist and diversity producer, Nation has covered numerous stories in the ethno-cultural communities across the GTA.

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24 Sep 2011
Toronto Councillor Michael Thompson has an inspiring approach to government

There’s something strange about the door to Toronto Councillor Michael Thompson’s City Hall office—it’s open. Unlike many municipal figures, who tend to be unreachable unless it’s election season, Thompson is accessible. It’s one of the ways in which the councillor and chair of Toronto’s Economic Development Committee is setting a new tone at City Hall.

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8 Sep 2011
Q&A with Toronto District School Board Trustee Michael Coteau

Michael Coteau has taken a passionate stance on many public and divisive issues in his career, such as his support of Afro-centric schools in Toronto. The super busy Liberal MPP candidate from Don Valley East sat down with Sway as the writs were being dropped at Queens Park.