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24 Feb 2012
Work it Out: Revitalize your Workspace

Given the amount of time that most of us will spend living in our workspaces over the course of our lifetimes, it makes sense to make our workspaces look attractive to us.

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17 Feb 2012
Work it Out: Get Involved

Getting your company involved in the surrounding community is a great way to contribute to worthy causes as well as increase positive associations with your brand.

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10 Feb 2012

Chellie Mejia’s public service announcement for wannabe employees…

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3 Feb 2012
Work it Out: Will work for happiness

The best career advice that I can offer to anyone is to work where you feel happy, fulfilled, and respected, whether it’s working for a huge corporation or working for yourself off of your kitchen table.

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27 Jan 2012
Work it Out: Corporate Drama

What better way to explore the intricacies of skills like customer service, conflict management, presentation skills or other management issues than with roleplaying and improvisational activities that open people up to new ways of thinking and behaving?

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20 Jan 2012
Work it Out: Executive Presence

More than any other factor, your image in business can directly affect your rate of success or failure in the business world, often before any qualitative evaluation of your skills and talents can even take place.

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13 Jan 2012
Work it Out: Confessions of a workoholic

Need some advice on how to stop revolving your life around your work? Follow Chellie Mejia’s five-step program.

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10 Jan 2012
Why Winter is a Smart Time to Buy a New Car

Buying a new car in the winter has a number of benefits – and with saving money at the top of the list, there is no reason to wait until spring to shop.

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6 Jan 2012
Work it Out: Check yourself

Most of us have made a renewed commitment to achieve certain financial goals this year, but the first step to determining how to get to where you want to go is finding out where you are right now.

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4 Jan 2012
Controlling Your Car in Winter Weather

Driving during heavy snowfalls and slippery ice conditions can be very dangerous and being aware of these dangers is the best way that you can get to your destination safely, avoid a car accident and the potential auto insurance rate consequences.