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Rachael-Lea Rickards says ‘Don’t call me, it’s over!’

21 December 2011 3 Comments

By Rachael-Lee Rickards

Dear Drugstore Cosmetic Counter,

I’ve been thinking about this for a long time and after nights of sobbing and playing sad songs, I think it’s best that we go our separate ways. Yes, I’m breaking up with you!

You were my first love. I fell in love with you at 16. When we met, I was dazzled by your charm. You smelled sweet and offered me everything a girl could ever want. I saw some warning signs when some of the products I needed were not on your shelves, but chose to ignore them. Still, I thought you’d improve.

You promised to offer me Black hair products and cosmetics that would make me feel beautiful. We’ve had many arguments over this but as much as I pleaded my case, you just didn’t want to listen. As I’ve grown with you through this love affair, I’m realizing that my needs have changed.

Other cosmetic counters have realized that they are not catering to Black women’s needs, why can’t you? I visited three of your compadres the other day and all of them were cheating on Black women. Not a hair product was in sight—not even a jar of Dax. How can you not even have a jar of Dax? You told me that Black hair products just aren’t the “demographic” and that perhaps we should keep our relationship confidential. You said we’d talk about it later, but you never seemed to return my calls. How typical.

You claim you love all women—Black, white, yellow and red. Yet, I only see you stocking the shelves for some of us, certainly not all of us. So, my love, it’s time that I cut you loose and start looking for a cosmetic counter that will cater to my needs, recognize my worth and make me feel beautiful.

You can give your points-card to a woman who believes your lies. As for me, I’m taking my shopping list elsewhere and plan to spend time with cosmetic counters that show me attention, make me feel special and take the time to really get to know my needs.

I know right now you don’t see the impact this will have on you. Perhaps you feel that you can move on and find another woman who will put up with your unfaithful ways. But trust me, the Black girls have been and continue to catch on, and soon enough you’ll lose one of the most valuable sets of women in your life.

Take care of yourself and I only hope that you’ll learn from this. Probably not though—you can bring cosmeticians to the counter but it doesn’t mean you can make them think.

Going Back to Stores that Honour My Beauty

P.S. Don’t send me any letters or flyers in the mail professing your love. I’m done with you and your lies. Do better and perhaps when you change your ways the next Black woman who comes into your life will consider committing.

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  • F Knight said:

    Carols Daughter….

  • Rachael-Lea said:

    Hey F Knight, is there a Carols Daughter in Canada? Love that store, love love love…but wasn’t sure it was in Canada.

  • Brian Heard said:

    There’s a physical store in Harlem, NY.

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