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29 Feb 2012
Better Mus’ Come: Jamaican Film Making Waves

Better Mus Come director Storm Saulter and star Sheldon Shepherd shared their thoughts with swaymag.ca on the film’s message of resistance and revolution during the joint Canadian premiere by Caribbean Tales and the Toronto International Film Festival.

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22 Feb 2012
February 23rd is National Patty Day!

Itah Sadu, founder of Toronto’s A Different Booklist, is proclaiming February 23rd as National Patty Day, an idea inspired by a passerby of another culture who happened to be eating a patty as he hurried about his day.

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21 Feb 2012
Community Connex with True Daley: From Slaveships to Relationships

True Daley chats with Larc Trotman and Chevy Revolucian, writers and directors of a new documentary exploring the complexities of black intimacy through various aspects, including historical family traditions prior to the Arabic and European slave trades.

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14 Feb 2012
Community Connex with True Daley: Leon Robinson AKA Eklipz

‘Hip Hop introduced me to knowledge of self. I learned to look into deeper aspects of who I was as a black man and where we come from. That sparked so much confidence and awareness in me.’

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18 Nov 2011
Community Connex with True Daley: Caffery Van Horne

Award-winning hairstylist Caffery Van Horne credits his humble beginnings in Kingston, Jamaica for his present-day success. The salon owner is also a wardrobe stylist and makeup artist with a flair for interior design.

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4 Nov 2011
Community Connex with True Daley: Dorothy Attakora

Mina Danielle Designs combines Dorothy Attakora’s passion for women’s rights with her talent for fashion design. The Toronto-based collection celebrates the diversity of African fabrics, style, and esthetics for modern women of all shapes and sizes.

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21 Oct 2011
Community Connex with True Daley: Real Food Advocate Michelle Dennis-Mitchell

Michelle Dennis-Mitchell wants at-risk youth to make better choices in their diet and break the cycle of inter-generational diseases prevalent within black communities. Her main goal is to promote the benefits of nutrient-rich foods such as fresh greens, raw, natural, whole, and organic locally-grown produce.

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7 Oct 2011
Community Connex with True Daley: Painting with Stardust

Toronto-based visual artist Eye Candy Kamel has been depicting black men as she sees them: beautiful. One of her creative goals is to capture the essence of the African male through her celebrity portraits, which feature artists such as Drake, J Cole and Jay Z.

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10 Sep 2011
Melanie Fiona makes a difference one by one

True Daley interviews Melanie Fiona about life, love and the meaning of charity.

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9 Sep 2011
Community Connex with True Daley: Ian Kamau

Community worker, visual artist and musician, Ian Kamau, believes approaching social issues from a grassroots level is the most effective way to have a meaningful impact on a community.