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15 Jul 2011
Faith in Secular Times

According to a report by the Institute for the Study of Secularism in Society and Culture (ISSSC), the majority of Canadians still self-identify with a religious group, yet only three out of 10 individuals regularly attend religious services.

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8 Jul 2011
Mas with meaning: Toronto Revellers

Sway speaks to bandleaders and designers about the significance of this year’s costume themes.

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6 Jun 2011
What’s Happening: Events for June 6 – 12

When you want to know what’s going on in the GTA, Sway’s got you covered. Here’s a peek at this week’s best bets.

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30 May 2011
Restroom Etiquette, T-Dot Style

Black Daddies Club begs the question, is it ever okay for grown men to converse while using the public restroom?

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27 May 2011
Things to Get Into this Summer: Drum Artz Community Centre

Drum Artz Canada has been uniting members of the Davenforth-Perth area and beyond through a love of music and the arts since 2004.

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16 May 2011

In the coming weeks, the Black Daddies Club will be discussing the particular challenges that the African Canadian community faces when dealing with issues surrounding mental health.

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9 May 2011
What’s Happening: Events for May 9 – 15

When you want to know what’s going on in the GTA, Sway’s got you covered. Here’s a peek at this week’s best bets.

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26 Apr 2011
Get out and vote: A Poem

why would you waste the thing that
so many cried for, so many fought for, so many died for
let your voice be heard

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8 Apr 2011
Deeper Than Dance

Former dancer Vivine Scarlett was driven to do more than just dance. She had a vision of building a foundation for a thriving and sustainable dance community geared around Black culture

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8 Apr 2011
Top Calibre Leadership at the BBPA

BBPA continues its tradition of strong leadership with the recent reelection of president Pauline Christian