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4 Aug 2011
David McLennon presents My World

Looking at the world from variety of angles. Speaking to the conscious and subconscious of people. My World is a honest message, a simple message and a powerful message, to educate uplift and inspire.

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2 Jun 2011
A Man’s Head: a poem

A poem by Nadine Williams

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26 Apr 2011
Get out and vote: A Poem

why would you waste the thing that
so many cried for, so many fought for, so many died for
let your voice be heard

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11 Mar 2011
A conversation with poet Motion

With accolades that include a MuchMusic nomination for Best Rap Video Award and the UMAC Award for Best Hip Hop Radio Show, Motion is a poet on the move. Sway caught up with her to discuss her art form and her biggest influences.

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7 Feb 2011
The Visitor and Feel Me; poems by David McLennon

Two poems by David McLennon

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3 Feb 2011
A chat with poet Dane Swan

I’m proudly a member of Canada’s spoken-word poetry community. Unfortunately, some members of the literary community have created fictional stereotypes of the poetry that spoken-word poets, particularly slam poets, are capable of writing. At the time I wrote Narcotics // Flora, the anti spoken-word rhetoric was at its loudest. I wanted to quietly make a point—that a slam poet could write eloquent, tight and structured poetry while keeping on message.

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27 Jan 2011
Moral Miranda: A Poem by Nathalie Taghaboni

You have the right to hate me but not to hurt me

You have the right to ignore me, but never EVER to stop me

From attaining the fullest of my measure

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25 Jan 2011
black bwoi

black bwoi mi tyad fi weep fi yuh
tyad fi sih di yout dem a bun some weed fi yuh
trying desperately fi numb di pain weh dem feel fi yuh
mek dis year bi di change wih long fi sih innah yuh

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21 Jan 2011
Ex Libris: A Poem

A poem by Adebe DeRango Adem

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17 Jan 2011
Purge; a poem

Ruminations on cleansing mind body and soul, by David McLennon.