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24 Jun 2011
Detangling the Myths of Natural Hair

Toronto Natural Hair & Beauty Show Founder Stephanie Joseph tackles the common misconceptions about natural hair.

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15 Oct 2010
Fall Hair Trend: Crazy for Bangs

Bangs are one of the easiest cuts your hairdresser will ever execute instantly giving you an edgier look.

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13 Oct 2010
Health Canada to put the brakes on the Brazilian Blowout

Last week Health Canada released a health advisory warning against the use of the increasingly popular Brazilian Blowout Solution, stating that the formula “has been found to contain unacceptable levels of formaldehyde”.

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20 Sep 2010
The Hair vs. health dilemma for black women

Nearly one third of black women exercise less due to their hairstyle management routines, according to a survey conducted by medical students at Wake Forest University in Salem, North Carolina. “Sweating out” their hairstyle and the time required to wash, dry, and recreate their previous hairstyle, were the top two reasons the participants (black women) chose to live more sedentary lifestyles.

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13 Sep 2010
Pomp and Pageantry

From the extremely overdone version of the ‘do’ by American singer Janelle Monae to a more a street ready version donned by the models of Fendi’s fall 2010 show, the pompadour is back!

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2 Sep 2010
Ponytails: This Fall’s Hair Trend

For runway hair they chose the 1950’s ponytail as their signature look. Simple yet elegant, ponytails are an excellent way to show off stunning features and can be casual or formal depending on the occasion.

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20 Aug 2010
How To Stay Fly & High…Above the Depths of Debt Part 2 — Hair

Women spend billions of dollars annually on hair and hair care/styling products, and black women spend more money on hair care than any other ethnic group. Thousands are spent on bi-weekly trips to the salon, expensive hair extensions, hair colour, flat irons and products that promise to reverse the damage done by the daily harm– often unnecessary products that guarantee body, health and strength but deliver disappointing results. Though hair is understandably important to you, you must not and cannot afford to be a slave to it, especially if in debt or determined to stay out of debt.

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29 Jul 2010
LuvLi Fashion Voyage– Part 1

Leather in any weather

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5 Jul 2010
Tropical summer beauty

Where to wear it: A rooftop get-together. This flirty lip colour and inventive braid are guaranteed to make you stand out against the night sky.