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8 Jul 2011

“For me, our home is our castle…This should be a place where you sense love and care.”

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8 Apr 2011
At Home with Jennifer Holness & Sudz Sutherland

The house, located on a residential Toronto street, was purchased four years ago. Before they moved in, Holness had been taking the kids to a nearby park on a regular basis, and fell in love with the area.

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8 Apr 2011
Rebel With a Lens

Described as the quintessential artist, Michael Chambers is credited with redefining the perception of Black Canadian art.

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17 Mar 2011
Great Taste No Money: How To Update Your Home Without Breaking The Bank

Why is purging such a wonderful thing? It’s a new beginning. You find treasures from your past that you completely forgot about. You will really see your space now, without all of the clutter and you will give yourself the awesome opportunity to hand over your nearly new or completely unused items and give a blessing to someone in need.

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10 Mar 2011
It takes a mate to revamp a ‘man bed’

Surveying the common household bed, most women see an artistic palate for aesthetic expression, a zen-inducing, end-of-day cocoon and a solemn space of intimate expression. Men see a piece of low-maintenance, utilitarian sleep infrastructure.

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17 Dec 2010
At home with Kevin Weekes

“What we did is give this place a warm Florida or California vibe with elements of the Caribbean
and a modern twist. It makes people feel welcome and relaxed.”

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23 Nov 2010
At Home With Donovan Bailey

Neatly nestled within Toronto’s classic downtown skyline, two-time Olympic gold medalist and former world-record holder Donovan Bailey’s swank city pad reflects the culmination of a keen and long-term real estate vision.

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27 Oct 2010
At home with Kim Roberts

“I love this neighbourhood; it’s very eclectic and every house on my street is a different nationality. I know this because I know all my neighbours by name. We’re all so very close.”

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1 Oct 2010
At Home With Zanana Akande

Akande and her late husband, Isaac, decided to purchase the home, located in the mostly Jewish enclave. Although the arrival of the family was generally well received by neighbours and the community, being one of the few Black residents in the area did come with its share of issues. First, the Black community questioned why the Akandes moved into the almost all-Jewish neighbourhood.

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15 Sep 2010
At home with The Leacocks

On a lucky day, you’re likely to catch the Leacocks listening to music and baking cookies with their four-year-old son, Maxwell. Nikki Leacock’s vibrant paintings adorn the walls of this downtown condo in a trendy Toronto neighbourhood. Photos of friends and family add to this warm and well-designed space, where the family has enjoyed profound moments with relatives and their cache of close friends.