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19 May 2011 7 Comments

Rochelle/Ardean Peters

Stress stinks. Try Aromatherapy.

By Rochelle Hanson

It’s summer. The kids are home from school. You still have to go to work. Schedules are constantly changing. You have to mow the lawn. The fence needs repairs. Let’s not bring up the fact that you never finished spring cleaning.

When your summer stress begins, don’t get yourself all hot and bothered.  Relax. Enjoy the sunshine. Consider aromatherapy. It’s a technique that combines the use of essential oils and the body’s sense of smell to help boost your mood, relieve stress, encourage better health, and healing. Oils from the mint, citrus, and floral families are perfect for summer stress relief.

Although the term was only coined in the 20th Century, aroma meaning fragrance and therapy meaning treatment, dates back thousands of years to ancient civilizations. The Chinese, Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians, all used aromatic plants and their distilled oils for well being, cosmetics, and beauty.

But is it really that simple? How does it work? Can you actually smell away your stress? The human body is so incredible. Scientists believe that people can actually recognize and remember well over 5 thousand different scents. When you inhale the scent of an essential oil, the aroma stimulates the brain and triggers a reaction. At the same time, the naturally occurring chemicals you breathe into your lungs can supply therapeutic benefits to the body.

So you’re at the grocery store grabbing those last minute items for the family picnic. You stand there waiting in line, frustrated. You have options. You could burn with emotion. Drop everything and leave it at the counter. Or you could reach into your bag, take a whiff of the tissue that you added a few drops of your favourite essential oil to that morning, and smile. If you choose the last option, people may look at you funny, but who cares about that when you’re being swept away by the scents of essential oil paradise. Do the right thing. Be a trend setter. The rest of the world will catch up with you later.

Please note: Essential oils are highly concentrated liquids. If you do not use them correctly, stress will be the least of your problems. If you are pregnant, nursing, or have other health conditions, there are certain oils that you should avoid. Never ever use essential oils in their undiluted form directly on your skin. Take some time to learn more about the safe way to use essential oils at www.aromaweb.com

Rochelle Hanson is a freelance writer and natural health enthusiast, offering tips and practical ideas on natural health and wellness. Check out her website www.simplynaturalideas.com or email [email protected].


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  • LAA said:

    Excellent tips Rochelle, thanks so much I’ll give this a try!

  • Rochelle said:

    Glad you enjoyed, LAA :) There will be a new article posted for you here every week.

  • Ardean said:

    Love the article Rochelle!
    It’s so true how strong an effect smell does have on us. I’ll be looking for my own favorite essential oil to keep handy!

  • Rochelle said:

    Glad you enjoyed it Ardean! Have fun :)

  • Marva Hanson said:

    Great job Rochelle! I use lavender as my special sent for tired achy muscles after work. For Florida weather I like the refreshing sent of tangerine or pink grapefruit.

  • Belinda said:

    Thank you Rochelle for your tips on essential oils and the healing power of smell. I agree with you! Just today I was burning incense and walking it around my home. I noticed within a few minutes that a headache I was dealing with was going away. That was an exciting discovery. :) I look forward to reading more of your articles. By the way… Your smile is contagious! :)

  • Rochelle said:

    Hi Belinda! Ims so glad you enjoyed the read :) i think it’s great that you’re enjoying the use of essential oils in your home! Same with you Marva! Stay well :) and happy reading ;)

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