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22 Aug 2011
Jack Layton 1950-2011

I had an extensive conservation with him at a fundraiser in Hull a few years back. He spoke to me for about two minutes and asked me if I had a napkin. When I pulled out one, he wrote his personal cell number and told me to call him so that we could allow the conversation to continue.

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24 May 2011
Black no Longer Beautiful? What Is Happening To Our Children?

Black self-hate is extremely insidious. Partly due to the fact that many blacks would not share this feeling with others. This silent destroyer of our people manifests itself in a variety of ways and sadly, it appears to cling to and afflict the young and vulnerable among us.

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2 May 2011
Black Daddies Club: The Murder of Junior Manon – A Black Daddy Speaks

And they will not have the buffer of a community that realizes that, despite their individual ethnic background (Guyanese, Ethiopian, Ghanaian, Trinidadian, etc.), they must rally around their common racial heritage in order to better their collective lot and provide a safe haven for their precious Seed.

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8 Apr 2011

We need to go back to the relevant beginning of the N-word and that is the international slave trade. Slavery begot the N-word. There were no “niggers” before slavery. Slavery created the ugly, sordid hierarchy of skin that encompassed not just the hue of flesh, but also facial and body features.

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28 Mar 2011
Black Canadians, No Longer an Ethnic Market?

With ethnic marketing only now gaining any real traction in the industry, it may be that the time for targeting the black community has passed, as 3rd and 4th generations of Caribbeans are now assimilating into the Canadian landscape.

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15 Mar 2011
Rochelle Dickenson urges youth to get involved in the decision-making process

Niagara-on-the-Lake Library Board member Rochelle Dickenson strongly urges adults and young people alike to be positive agents for change and civic engagement as thousands of community organizations are looking for input and expertise. According to Dickenson it is imperative that we use our spare time to contribute to their noble missions in a meaningful and impactful way.

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12 Mar 2011
Pastor Wendell Brereton speaks on crime, youth issues and the land of milk and money

Crime in general is a concern to Pastor Wendell Brereton, yet he does not see the youth of the black community as the demographic of crime. He see them as vibrant, talented and powerful

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11 Mar 2011
A conversation with poet Motion

With accolades that include a MuchMusic nomination for Best Rap Video Award and the UMAC Award for Best Hip Hop Radio Show, Motion is a poet on the move. Sway caught up with her to discuss her art form and her biggest influences.

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26 Feb 2011
One woman’s journey from Kenya to Canada and back again all in the name of change

What they have not taken is my willingness to see what I have learned, observed and loved while in Canada, now reflected in a new Kenya that I want to be a part of. Finally, Kenya is calling me. My crystal ball tells me the time is right for me. My son did not die for me not to try to change Kenya one more time!

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25 Feb 2011
Michael Ignatieff on Black History Month

Michael Ignatieff speaks with Sway about the significance of Black History Month and African Canadian he truly admires.