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16 Dec 2011
Producer Boi-1da has gone from stocking shelves to stocking up on accolades

“Toronto means everything,” he says. “I wouldn’t go anywhere else. I wouldn’t trade it for anything else. It’s time for Canada to embrace itself. I am proud to make good music in Canada that Canadians love.”

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14 Dec 2011
That’s What She Said, Year of the Protester, Riding the Rocket

#ThatsWhatSheSaid: Sway Magazine’s Online Recap of Current Events. This week: Time Magazine chooses its person of the year and one uninhibited couple takes a ride on a TTC train and platform.

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12 Dec 2011
David McLennon’s Reflections

Reflections is the literary debut of Jamaican born, Canada bred poet David McLennon.

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9 Dec 2011
Jamaican-born Aston Hall appointed to Ontario Court of Justice

Aston Joseph Hall’s appointment, which took effect on Thursday, December 8, has been warmly received by Canada’s strong Jamaican Canadian population as well as in Jamaica.

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8 Dec 2011
‘Memphis’ the musical hits Toronto

You wouldn’t think a musical about race relations in the Bad Old South and forbidden love between a white man and a black woman would be an entertaining night out, but Memphis is hugely so, driven by the compelling storyline and powerhouse vocals all around.

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8 Dec 2011
Q&A with photographer Nadalie Bardowell

Sway catches up with a “girl with a camera”, Nadalie Bardowell, who understands the power of her camera as she reflects on an interesting journey shaped through her powerful lens.

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7 Dec 2011
That’s What She Said, Serial matrimony, New xxx domains, MLB dress code

ThatsWhatSheSaid: Sway Magazine’s Online Recap of Current Events. This week: celebrity remarriages, adult industry gets a new .xxx domain, and MLB institutes a dress code for media personnel

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7 Dec 2011
Elimu Sanifu premiers ‘Unshackling Education’ in Toronto

Elimu Sanifu, “re-inventing learning” in Kiswahili, is a two-year-old organization started by young activists with an ambitious agenda to open the windows of learning opportunities with young Kenyans.

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7 Dec 2011
Q&A with CitySqoop.com’s Yohannes Tadesse

Yohannes Tadesse tells Sway about his early years as well as how CitySqoop can be a “discovery service” to advertise local events in Ottawa and Toronto.

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6 Dec 2011
Mark and Jem: Reunited and it feels so good!

Insanely popular radio duo, Mark Strong and Jemeni are back on the airwaves and better than ever. The hilarious pair, who have not been heard on the radio since their departure from FLOW 93.5 five years ago, bring their insightful and interactive banter back to the waves on Toronto’s newest radio station, G98.7 FM