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19 Dec 2011
William Beal, one of Manotiba’s prominent historical figures, immortalized on film

Beal became known for his skills and interests, from carpentry to electronics to philosophy. He even farmed his own land. In researching the man — whose dark skin defied a birth certificate stating he was white — Griffith spoke to about 65 people. Some knew Beal as children.

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21 Nov 2011
Kevin Hart invites moviegoers to ‘Laugh at My Pain’

“This film is not a joke, it comes from a real place—a hurt place. I am just now ready for people to see that side and people will enjoy that side when they see it.”

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14 Nov 2011
ReelWorld Film Festival is accepting submissions

From now until December 9, filmmakers are invited to submit shorts and feature length films, documentaries, animation, and music videos for 2012

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12 Oct 2011
Catch a Star: Filmmaker announces a documentary on Salome Bey

Toronto producer, filmmaker and singer Nicole Brooks is directing the first feature-length documentary ever to be made on Salome Bey, a woman whose voice captivated fans for more than four decades before fading into the folds of dementia.

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27 Sep 2011
A ‘Dark Girls’ Review

I walked away content with the film’s overall message; the difference in our skin tones is nothing but a difference in levels of melanin. No matter what our skin tone, we’re beautiful, and we have to do our best to remind our daughters of their own beauty and worth so they don’t go looking for that reminder in all of the wrong places.

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24 Sep 2011

Every September, Hollywood North simply becomes Hollywood as the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) turns the city into the centre of the entertainment universe. And Maxine Bailey has played a big role in the festival’s popularity.

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24 Sep 2011
Clement Virgo’s adoration for filmmaking is still going strong

With these forthcoming Black interest films, Virgo may begin to resonate more with the Afro-Canadian audience. He’s the Canadian equivalent of Spike Lee, although not nearly regarded as such. It likely boils down to the lamentable lack of support for Afro-Canadian art from its own community.

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22 Sep 2011
Celebrity Swag Bags: TIFF 2011 Style

This year at TIFF Sway got a little insight into celebrity gifting, the latest trends, and some of our country’s greatest not-for-profit organizations.

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20 Sep 2011
TIFF 2011 Wrap-Up

As the last of the red carpets are rolled up and directors and actors are whisked away on international flights back home, there will be a lot to remember. Have a look at some of the many memories Sway has of TIFF 2011.

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20 Sep 2011
Director Branwen Okpako talks The Education of Auma Obama

In town to promote her latest film for TIFF, director Branwen Okpako sat down with Sway to talk about her documentary The Education of Auma Obama.