15 March 2019
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Horoscope »

16 Apr 2012
Weekly Horoscope: April 16 to 22

Weekly Horoscope: April 16 to 22. Sway’s weekly horoscope will give you the straight goods for your sign — don’t miss it!

Headline, Money & Careers »

20 Apr 2012
Work it Out: Defining the 21st Century Power Couple

The days of a successful man crowning his list of accomplishments and achievements with the bubbly, blonde trophy wife are on their way out. It’s 2012, and as far as business is concerned, power couples reign supreme.

Articles, Health & Fitness, Lifestyle »

19 Apr 2012
Xplosion Fitness Video Series: Abs of steel

Today Okiki shows us how to get those coveted abs of steel.

Beauty »

19 Apr 2012
Food for the Natural Sister’s Soul: All-Natural Shampoo and Cleansers

Lots of suds equal harsh chemicals. Making your own cleanser is the best way to ensure that your shampoo is natural and contains real herbs and essential oils.

Headline, Health & Fitness »

19 Apr 2012
Simply Natural Ideas: How to cleanse your body without starving yourself

We all need a fresh start every once and a while. What better time to start fresh than spring? How to cleanse your body without starving yourself.

People & Community, Politics »

17 Apr 2012
Q&A with lawyer and social activist Omar Ha-Redeye

Former Black Law Students Association of Canada (BLSAC) president, Omar Ha-Redeye is an ambitious lawyer with a conscience. The noted activist has been recently seen in the media commenting on topics from the Occupy Toronto movement and the importance of youth engagement.

Parenting »

16 Apr 2012
What to do when teen behaviour crosses the line into dangerous territory

A social worker and family counsellor weigh in on when teen behaviour crosses the line from obnoxious to dangerous.

A&E, Music »

16 Apr 2012
People with Sway: Cazhhmere

Sway interviews Cazhhmere, one of Canada’s go-to video directors.

A&E, Articles, Music »

16 Apr 2012
People with Sway: RT!

Sway catches up with RT!, Canada’s most awarded music video director.

A&E, Music »

16 Apr 2012
People with Sway: Neenyo

Sway catches up with Neenyo, who has recently relocated from Toronto to Miami.

A&E, Music »

16 Apr 2012
People with Sway: Beat Merchant

Sway interviews Juno Award winner Beat Merchant, best known for his work with Canadian rapper Belly and currently the in-house producer for newcomer Harvey Stripes.