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27 Sep 2011
A ‘Dark Girls’ Review

I walked away content with the film’s overall message; the difference in our skin tones is nothing but a difference in levels of melanin. No matter what our skin tone, we’re beautiful, and we have to do our best to remind our daughters of their own beauty and worth so they don’t go looking for that reminder in all of the wrong places.

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22 Sep 2011
Celebrity Swag Bags: TIFF 2011 Style

This year at TIFF Sway got a little insight into celebrity gifting, the latest trends, and some of our country’s greatest not-for-profit organizations.

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20 Sep 2011
TIFF 2011 Wrap-Up

As the last of the red carpets are rolled up and directors and actors are whisked away on international flights back home, there will be a lot to remember. Have a look at some of the many memories Sway has of TIFF 2011.

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20 Sep 2011
Director Branwen Okpako talks The Education of Auma Obama

In town to promote her latest film for TIFF, director Branwen Okpako sat down with Sway to talk about her documentary The Education of Auma Obama.

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19 Sep 2011
TIFF 2011: Random

Random traces the life of Sister, played brilliantly by Nadine Marshall, as she traverses her way around a family tragedy. Told in a multi-narrative format from Sister’s point of view, Nadine Marshall slips in and out of accents and characters that are as diverse as the rich lyrical dialogue, text and images interspersed throughout the film.

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16 Sep 2011
TIFF 2011: Man on Ground

Man On Ground, the latest project from director Akin Omotoso, is loosely based on the real-life murder of Mozambican Ernesto Nhamuave, who was burned alive while others watched in a campaign to quash refugees who were, South Africans felt, foreigners that were taking over.

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15 Sep 2011
TIFF 2011: Pariah

‘Pariah’ tells the story of Alike and her struggle to tell her parents about her sexuality. Writer/director Dee Rees, producer Nekisa Cooper and cast members: Kim Wayans, Adepero Oduye and Pernell Walker all walked the red carpet this week for the opening of their film at TIFF.

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14 Sep 2011
TIFF 2011: Lucky

There is something about a movie where the title character is on the ultimate quest for acceptance — that undying need for love and reassurance that ceases to materialize no matter how hard they try.

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9 Sep 2011
The Education of Auma Obama

The Education of Auma Obama, which is screening at the 36th Annual Toronto International Film Festival this year, covers the history of the Obama family. Spanning four generations, Auma Obama, the half-sister of U.S. President Barack Obama, talks frankly about her early years living in Kenya and the impact of sharing the same father.

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6 Sep 2011
What to see: The 36th annual Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF)

A stellar line-up of films is set for the 36th annual Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). From September 8-18, movie-goers will brave the crowds for tickets in a bid to see films by well-known and up-and-coming actors and directors.