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Reema Major- Mother of the New School Era

26 August 2011 No Comments

T.E.Dennis Photography

By Patrick Dennis Jr.

In a day and age when it seems every young black person claims to be a rapper, few stand out from the crowd. Toronto’s own Reema Major is one of those few aspiring artists whose style, delivery and persona appear to be genuine and long lasting.

The self-proclaimed “Mother of the new school era, and young buck that the old G’s co-sign” showcased her skills this past Tuesday at Canada’s Wonderland. The event entitled “Summer Bling” featured some of the city’s best young talents and also one of Canada’s top artists, Karl Wolf. Reema headlined the event and did not disappoint.

At the tender age of 16, Reema has mastered the art of performing. On stage she has the confidence and swagger of artists at least twice her age, but as the cliché goes- age is nothing but a number. Performing her current song on the radio, “I’m The One” Reema showed why so many have called her the queen of Canadian hip-hop. Her lyrics and punch lines are hard hitting; she flows like an artist who has been doing this for years.

Many are quick to compare her style to that of Nicki Minaj. “I think that when you are a female coming into a male-dominated industry, people are quick to compare.” explained Reema.  “I think it’s reassurance you are doing something right–if you’re whack you won’t be compared at all.”  Considering the fact that Reema has really only been putting out music since she was 15, it’s tough compare her body of work to Minaj. From a lyrical stand point however, hands down Reema takes the win. The honesty and conviction in her music speaks for itself.

Reema insists that there is no animosity towards Nicki or any other female artists; she gladly welcomes the comparisons as she knows that when people hear her music and get to know her better as an artist the comparisons will stop. She is a firm believer that female artists need to stick together. “I think power is important, and I think unity is power. Where there is a strong team together, there will be power and by women fighting it just makes us weak,” she proclaimed.

Having gone through a lot in her young life, Reema uses her music as her expression and voice. With all the success she has gained so far she remains humble and grateful for it all. “I’m just grateful. As a ghetto kid, this time last year I was sitting on a stoop. No deal, no money- just a ghetto kid. You have to stay humble because as quick as he [GOD] gave it to you; he can take it away,” Reema explained. It is that understanding and attitude that draws people to her.

Speaking to her you feel like you’re talking to someone wise beyond her years. The delivery of her rhymes mixed with the complexity of her lyrics the perfect blend of what hip-hop and rap truly are. A student of the old school era of flow, Reema uses clever word play not heard in many artists today. She is certainly above the crowd.

This fast-talking, intelligent and passionate artist is certainly on her way to becoming a superstar. She is currently promoting her mixtape, I AM LEGEND (which is available for download on her website), Reema is also busy working on her debut album (due out sometime in 2012). Reema Major will be performing alongside another Toronto artist, KOS at the CNE on September 2nd.

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